Autumn in Cambridge

September 4, 2023

As the summer season draws to a close and the leaves start falling, whilst changing their hues, it’s impossible to ignore that autumn is slowly but surely getting closer. And whether these changes tempt you to explore the picturesque streets of Cambridge or lure you in to cosy up in a cafe, there will be plenty of things to do in this historic city. Follow along as we explore what Cambridge has to offer this autumn season.

Take in autumnal views in the city’s parks

Cambridge’s plethora of parks burst into a stunning array of autumn colours during this time of year, making it the ideal city to enjoy autumnal views. The historic city, whilst bustling with life and innovation, is surrounded by countryside views and beautiful parks all around, making it easy for everyone in Cambridge to be surrounded by nature, without even having to leave the beautiful city centre. Taking a stroll through such parks offers the city’s visitors and residents alike a chance to witness stunning fall foliage, breathe in and enjoy the freshly crisp air, as well as partake in activities like photography, picnics, or even birdwatching.

Amongst the best parks that offer perfect autumn walks include Jesus Green, river Cam banks, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and of course the beautifully landscaped gardens of various central colleges. Such a wide plethora of green spaces in the city makes it easy to witness and welcome the changing seasons.

Autumnal views of Jesus Green, with avenues of large trees welcoming bright hues and dropping their leaves, provide a great place for walks, people-watching, and picnics. Making it easy to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature without having to leave the city centre of Cambridge.

If you wish to wander further, nature walks alongside the river Cam will allow you to enjoy nature, as well as see various city sights, such as the famous Mathematical Bridge. Autumn is the perfect time for such riverside walks, as with the weather being cooler more people choose to stay indoors, making it so the beautiful views of large willow trees and bundled-up punters will be all yours to enjoy.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden is one of the best places to take a stroll around during the autumn months. With spectacular trees and plants brightening up misty days you will be able to see late-blooming flowers, various seedheads, fruits, feathery grasses, and even water features, which all create an unforgettable autumn garden experience. Such vibrant views, which brighten up even the dullest autumn days, are easily accessible without having to leave the city centre of Cambridge, making it a must-see if you wish to fully take in what autumn months have to offer.

Lastly, the University of Cambridge and its colleges not only boast incredible architecture, their gardens are just as spectacular. As expected from a renowned academic city, these particular gardens were laid out to create a tranquil space for reflection and studies, which makes them magical in the autumn months. And with central ones, such as the famous Trinity College being right at the heart of the city, it will be a sight you don’t want to miss.

Visit the lively Farmers’ Markets

Autumn is the season of harvest and farmers’ markets are the places where you can delve into this season’s best foods. Cambridge hosts many farmers’ markets, especially on the weekends. The city’s visitors and residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to farmers’ markets, which are located both in the city centre and on the outskirts.

The markets offer an array of delights such as locally harvested vegetables, freshly baked pies, artisan cheeses, coffee and hot chocolate, homemade jams, and many more delicious treats to warm you up during the colder autumn months.

Such farmers’ markets are also a great place for anyone looking to decorate their home with bright pumpkins, capturing the essence of the season in a truly spectacular way. Grown locally, varying in sizes, colours and varieties, Cambridge’s markets will be a great place to purchase, as well as simply enjoy the bright autumnal displays during your morning stroll.

Go Punting to take in the city’s autumnal views

Punting is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities that Cambridge offers during the autumn season. The Venetian-style boats glide through the tranquil River Cam, offering guests a chance to embrace the beauty of the season by seeing its reflections in the river’s calm waters. Our guests can hire punts in the city centre and enjoy a personal guided tour or self-navigate through the superb waterways.

Some people may think that once October begins, the punting season comes to an end. However, whilst there will be fewer people enjoying the city’s views during their relaxing punt across river Cam, the culture of punting never stops in Cambridge. On top of that, unlike in summertime, it is easier to engulf yourself in the experience completely – with the riverside quieter and less busy, punters get to enjoy the views and autumnal tranquillity to the fullest.

Enjoy local autumn festivals

Autumn is an eventful season in Cambridge. Alongside the city’s green spaces and historic architecture, visitors get to partake in various local celebrations, as the city hosts many local festivals that capture the essence of the season. And what is a better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than to enjoy the season and celebrate it the way the locals do?

One of the most popular is the Cambridge Oktoberfest, annually organised in the beautiful Jesus Green. The vibrant festival offers a chance to sample some of the city’s best food and local brews. For music lovers, Cambridge Jazz Festival brings together jazz artists from around the world who deliver spectacular performances. The music festival, held in November, brings together jazz enthusiasts, who get to enjoy live performances, as well as bond over their shared love of this music genre. Lastly, Cambridge visitors and residents get to explore various offers at the yearly Autumn Food and Craft Fair. During this magical fair, taking place in Parker’s Piece, guests will be able to purchase hand-made crafts, artisan food and goods, as well as fully immerse themselves in a vibrant and lively activity, connecting the city in autumn.

Cosy up with a hot brew in the city’s cafes

Cambridge is a city well known for its coffee culture. From traditional coffee houses, immersed in deep academic history to more modern cafes, offering masterfully brewed drinks, treats, and delicious pastries. So if you’re looking for a cosy spot to relax and warm up during the cold autumn months, there’s no shortage of options available.

One such cafe is The Sage of Cambridge, located within the Fellows House Hotel, making it easy for guests to grab a warm brew on their way out to explore all of the autumnal sights and activities the city has to offer. And for those visitors who would rather stay in the warm and enjoy delicious coffee and pastries, the cosy ambience of the cafe will create an unforgettable experience of warmth and tranquillity. Guests are invited to relax, connect with others, or simply embrace the beauty of the changing seasons. Our spacious cafe provides the perfect setting with expansive glass windows, allowing you to appreciate the scenic views without stepping outside.

For anyone who wants to enjoy high-quality coffee but would rather stay at home, our cafe offers a wide selection of speciality coffee beans. This way visitors can indulge in artisan flavours in the comfort of their own home.

Experience a luxurious autumn retreat in Cambridge with The Fellows House

Autumn in Cambridge can be a breathtaking experience for the city’s visitors and guests of The Fellows House. After a busy day of enjoying wonderful autumn activities such as park walks, farmers’ markets, historical tours, punting, and festivals, our guests can unwind and reflect on all the joys that the season brings. Experience the ultimate autumn getaway at our luxurious Cambridge hotel. Indulge in the comfort of our spacious rooms and rejuvenate your senses in our exclusive wellness area, complete with a cosy steam room and sauna. Your stay with us will be truly unforgettable, book a room and experience the essence of Cambridge like a fellow.


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