Cycling in Cambridge City

May 9, 2024

Within this article, we explore one distinguishing feature at the heart, history and tradition of the Cambridge City culture which is cycling. If you are planning to visit Cambridge, it is essential that you experience a bike ride through the city. Cambridge has a reputation as a cyclist-friendly city and has been identified as having the highest level of cycling in the country. There is no better way to explore the charming streets and see the beautiful architecture of Cambridge than getting a little bit of exercise in too! There are plenty of different cycling routes around Cambridge for both experienced cyclists and new triers. We explain bike safety too, and where to hire a bike in Cambridge and stop off for refreshments.

Discovering Cambridge by Bike

Exploring and discovering Cambridge by bike has a host of benefits. Cycling in Cambridge offers convenient transportation and an eco-friendly approach to travel, where you can choose to stop wherever you want and to take in the charm of the city. Cycling is such an enjoyable way to explore the historic streets, landmarks and picturesque parks like the beautiful architecture on Trinity Lane, the breathtaking famous King’s College and the stunning midsummer common park perfect for a scenic route. Cycling in Cambridge is a unique opportunity to discover Cambridge like a local whereby you can use the fantastic flat terrain and extensive network of cycle paths, making your journey through Cambridge as smooth as possible. The Cambridgeshire City Council has put together an extensive map of different cycle routes from the North to the South of Cambridgeshire, which can be found here. More specifically a cycle route to explore the backs of Cambridge can be found here. This includes following the same route as the River Cam, which can be therapeutic cycling alongside a beautiful river surrounded by the abundance of wildlife, nature and the scenic countryside surrounding the city. For individuals who want more of a challenge, there are plenty of cycle routes around Cambridge that extend to picturesque neighbouring towns and villages such as St Ives which can be found here. Cambridge is home to many large shopping centres including the Grand Arcade which is in the city centre, next to the famous King’s College and the Cambridge market square.

Start your cycling adventure at The Fellows House

Cycling is a sustainable way to travel that is also convenient and flexible, allowing you to pass through scenic routes that a city tour vehicle could not. If you do not own a bike, there are bicycle hire services at The Fellows House. Our hotel in Cambridge offers quality and safe bicycle and protective equipment hire, like helmets and knee pads for guests staying at the hotel for no extra cost. Staying guests can easily access Cambridge’s top attractions and scenic routes without the hassle of transporting personal bicycles, so you can explore the city like a Cambridge local.

Cycle safety

The Cambridgeshire County Council has put together useful information on bike safety here. This explains procedures to check that your bike is safe and informs you of different ways to keep yourself safe when cycling. This includes precautions like remembering to wear a cycle helmet that is fitted properly to protect your head from injury. Also, information on bike maintenance to make sure the bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition, like checking the tyres are fully inflated and have enough tread, and the front and back breaks work properly. It is also essential for bike safety that cyclists have good visibility day and night. Wearing bright or fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective clothing in the dark, as well as bright bike lights, is vital for being safe on the roads.

Cycling in Cambridge City - The Fellows House

Making the Most of Your Cycling Adventure

To make the most of your cycling adventure in the city of Cambridge, it is important to take a rest break every once in a while. There are plenty of places to have a breather in Cambridge, one such place is The Sage of Cambridge which is a cafe that is part of The Fellows House who offer the bike hire services in Cambridge. The Sage of Cambridge is just a short bike ride away from the city centre of Cambridge. At The Sage, you can enjoy a selection of hot and cold drinks, like types of coffees and speciality teas, and refreshing cold beverages like smoothies, soft drinks and juices. The Sage of Cambridge offers a breakfast menu as well as a lunch menu with a variety of sandwiches and paninis to pick from. There are also sweet treats like pastries available for those who have a sweet tooth to indulge in.
The Sage of Cambridge is open every day from 8 am until 4 pm, perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea time. If you enjoyed the coffee so much, you can also purchase the coffee and take a bag home to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The Sage of Cambridge is an excellent coffee shop in Cambridge and a great place to enjoy a refreshment while exploring Cambridge by bike.

We highlighted the unique experience and benefits exploring the city of Cambridge by bike can bring to those visiting Cambridge. It is important to alway remember bicycle safety when travelling by bike and to take regular breaks. The Fellows House offers bike hire in Cambridge for guests staying in the hotel which is dedicated to the fellows of Cambridge, like Isaac Newton and Alan Turing. You can book a stay at The Fellows House to give yourself more time to immerse yourself in the city’s rich history, natural beauty and vibrant culture on two wheels.


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