Art at The Fellows House

January 23, 2024

Artwork, representing Cambridge, as well as its exceptional university Fellows, is a big part of The Fellows House. Art allows us to combine modern luxuries with the deep academic history permeating the atmosphere of the charming city. Through the unique and meaningful artwork displayed in our Cambridge hotel, guests can immerse themselves in the city’s culture, as well as learn about its unique and vibrant history. Making the stays at The Fellows House truly unique.

Guests will be able to find tributes to the remarkable University of Cambridge Fellows, as well as their achievements everywhere you go at The Fellows House, offering a fun and educational experience of trying to find all of the artwork. Therefore, whether you visit our hotel, The Folio Bar & Kitchen or Sage of Cambridge cafe, you will experience the true essence of Cambridge through beautiful artwork.

The Folio Bar & Kitchen

At The Folio Bar & Kitchen Xu Zhimo’s ‘Taking Leave of Cambridge Again’ serves as the soulful backdrop to our diverse collection of artworks, each telling a unique story. This way, guests of our Cambridge restaurant get to enjoy both – a truly delicious dinner and unique artwork.

In 1912, Xu Zhimo embarked on a transformative journey to England to study at King’s College, Cambridge, where he immersed himself in the enchanting world of English romantic poetry. Inspired by the likes of Keats and Shelley, he also delved into the works of French romantic and symbolist poets, which he beautifully translated into Chinese. In 1922, he returned to China and became a leading figure in the modern poetry movement.

In 1923, he founded the Crescent Moon Society, a Chinese literary society that was part of the larger New Culture Movement, believing in “art for art’s sake.” When the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore visited China, Xu Zhimo served as one of his oral interpreters. He was one of the first Chinese writers to successfully naturalise Western romantic forms into modern Chinese poetry.

Folio restaurant artwork

The Sage of Cambridge

The Sage of Cambridge is not only renowned for its masterfully brewed coffee and cosy interior, being a true haven for art lovers. Our curated collection pays homage to such Cambridge University fellows as Isaac Newton, Henry Cavendish, Charles Darwin and David Attenborough.

Here is a sneak peek into our curated collection, which just has to be enjoyed alongside a delicious coffee and cake:

  • Mathematical Bridge at Queens College, with its tangential members highlighted in shades of blue — a subtle reference to the University’s colours.
  • ‘Lightbulb Moment’: Witness genius thoughts suspended against the outline of Cambridge’s iconic buildings, capturing the essence of those brilliant ‘aha’ moments.
  • Planetarium etching of the Solar System.
  • Newton’s Chromatic Symphony: A playful twist on Isaac Newton’s theory, suggesting that his spectrum of seven colours was governed by the same ratios underlying music’s diatonic scale.
  • Electric Sparks of Discovery: Delve into the world of Henry Cavendish’s ground-breaking experiment, where atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen combine under the crackling passage of electric sparks.

If this glimpse has piqued your curiosity, why not join us for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake?

The Sage of Cambridge art

The Reception Area

The reception area at The Fellows House is graced by a truly unique art piece, leaving guests and visitors in awe every day. The art piece may appear like an unassuming draw front at first glance, however, at a second look you will be able to see its true meaning. The beautifully made draw fronts display ‘In Cimmerian Darkness’, a poem written by exceptional Jeremy Halvard Prynne. This astounding piece of literature adds a touch of elegance and greets guests with a true feel of The Fellows House, highlighting the impact the University of Cambridge and its heritage have on our luxury hotel.

Be surrounded by meaningful art the second you step foot into The Fellows House and explore the intersection of luxury, comfort and art during your visit!

Unique Art at The Fellows House


The aura and heritage of Cambridge are unveiled in every corner of our hotel, including the rooms. The bedrooms are decorated with a piece truly unique to Cambridge – a vintage map meticulously recoloured with the addition of hand-created patterns. This masterpiece features handwritten lines of text from four notable alumni.

On your next stay with us, immerse yourself in the elegance of The Darwin Studio, relax in the spacious comfort of The Newton Superior Studio, experience the unparalleled charm of The Attenborough Apartment, and so much more! Each of our rooms highlights sophisticated artworks that tell a story.

Luxury hotel in Cambridge

The Hawking Suite

We shine a spotlight on the remarkable physicist Stephen Hawking through the artwork gracing our meeting room walls. The Hawking Suite is named in honour of the brilliant mind of Stephen Hawking, a distinguished Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, this suite is adorned with art that embodies the essence of his intellect and creativity, allowing him to shake up the world of physics through his groundbreaking discoveries and theories.

Our distinct meeting room is the perfect space for any occasion – from intimate weddings and private parties to productive workplace meetups. With various pieces of equipment available on demand, as well as delicious refreshments and meal options supplied by our restaurant The Folio Bar & Kitchen, we are sure this meeting room in Cambridge will be a truly comfortable and inspiring space for productive meetings.

Business meeting room Cambridge

Lobby Area

Explore the exquisite Cambridge map artwork highlighting the iconic Bridge of Sighs! Designed by Henry Hutchinson in 1827, this Gothic Revival marvel now comes to life through a laser-cut silhouette layer, capturing every intricate detail.

Completed in 1831, the bridge elegantly spans the River Cam, linking the college’s Third Court and New Court, adding historical charm to Cambridge’s landscape.

Hotel lobby

Wellness Area

On the way to the wellness area, you can notice a remarkable art piece – a portrait of a Darwin College Fellow – Jane Goodhall. She is considered the world’s most remarkable expert on chimpanzees and has made it her life mission to observe the behaviour, as well as the making of tools by the primates. We are proud to immerse our guests in art tributed to academics with such remarkable legacy as Dr. Jane Goodall.

Dr. Goodall is a visionary explorer who embarked on a journey to Kenya that would forever change our understanding of the natural world. Through her keen observations, she unveiled the intricate lives of chimpanzees, opening a captivating window into the lives of our closest living relatives. Jane’s ground-breaking work transformed our perceptions of animals, tools, and the essence of conservation.

Dr. Goodall’s achievements resonate across the globe, earning her prestigious accolades such as the Kyoto Prize, the Benjamin Franklin Medal for Life Sciences, and the esteemed Gandhi-King award for nonviolence. Her unwavering dedication to bridging the gap between humans and animals serves as an inspiration to us all.

International Women's Day 2023

Nestled in the historical city of Cambridge, The Fellows House stands as a beacon of contemporary design and cultural richness. Each corner of our space is adorned with artworks that echo the legacy of Cambridge and its distinguished Fellows. In this blog post, we highlighted a few of the artworks that can be found at our hotel premises, including The Folio Bar & Kitchen, as well as The Sage of Cambridge cafe. Visit us at The Fellows House, and learn about the remarkable Cambridge University Fellows through meaningful art.


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