Why We Promise a Unique Stay at The Fellows House

The Fellows House is a unique boutique hotel, where the contemporary blends with the academic history of Cambridge University and its notable fellows alike. Immersing yourself in the vibrant city’s history during your stay will be easy, as you will find tributes to the remarkable academics and their works everywhere you go in the hotel and its premises. Such homages are expressed through meaningful art, signature drinks, as well as guest rooms and suites named after the fellows. We are sure that the time you spend at The Fellows House will be unique and memorable as you get to explore the history and lives of Cambridge and its famous fellows without even having to leave the hotel.

Unique hotel spaces with academic heritage

At The Fellows House, we put a strong emphasis on both comfort and luxury for our guests, who stay in our rooms inspired by the historic city and named after its remarkable Cambridge University fellows.

Walk through the unique spaces of the hotel with us!

The reception area

Right after stepping foot into The Fellows House hotel, our guests get to feel the essence of the city. The reception area is adorned with artwork representing cycling, which is the most popular form of transport in the city, with one in three residents cycling to work. This particular art piece shows a new shape masterfully crafted out of classic bicycle frames, thus creating the impression of movement. To celebrate this form of transportation, which has almost become an undeniable feature connected to Cambridge, we offer our guests in-house bicycle rental, which provides an easy way to explore the city like a true local.

Lobby at The Fellows House
Guest room art at The Fellows House

Guest rooms

Luxurious and comfortable guest rooms and suites will make you feel right at home, even while staying in a different city. With the many tributes to Cambridge’s history and culture, we are sure you will get to explore the unique city and its academic atmosphere even while being at the hotel. Such exploration is encouraged in the many photographs showing elements you could spot on your day out in the city. Alongside that, the guest room walls are adorned by vintage maps of the city, which have since been recoloured and feature handwritten lines of text from four notable alumni – Siegfried Sassoon, Henry Cavendish, John Flamsteed and Charles Darwin. Creative artwork as such helps our guests find inspiration for valuable city attractions to visit.

Hotel guests can fully immerse themselves in the history of Cambridge University’s academia. With such rooms The Newton Superior Studio, inspired by the famous physicist Isaac Newton or The Darwin King Studio, which holds many references to the noted naturalist Charles Darwin, as well as The Attenborough Apartment, which is named in reference to one of the most prominent Cambridge Fellows – David Attenborough. Many more rooms with deep academic heritage are available at The Fellows House, with each one of them displaying a unique quote from various Fellows of the University, thus offering guests a way to gain valuable insight into the vibrant lives of the academics.

After stepping out of the room into the corridors you will be able to find uniquely hand-drawn, minimalist, yet meaningful art representing 16 Fellows from various Cambridge University colleges. Similar homage is paid to the university buildings as well, which have been deconstructed into simple silhouettes, creating a surreal perspective on the iconic architecture. The Fellows House displays a perfect blend of history and modernity, allowing guests to capture a unique view of the city. 

Line wall art at The Fellows House

The Hawking Suite

Dedicated to one of Cambridge University most iconic Fellows – Stephen Hawking, this space provides an inspiring atmosphere for any business meetings, private events and dinners. Step into the luxurious suite and you’ll be surrounded by stunning artworks showcasing the physicist’s most famous theories. Featuring images of the young Stephen Hawking alongside his groundbreaking discoveries, these unique pieces offer a glimpse into the mind of a true genius. The inspiring ambience of this unique meeting room is perfect for discussing work alongside the legacy of one of the greatest minds of our time.

The Hawking Suite
Jane Goodall portrait in Cambridge Hotel

Wellness area

The Fellows House guests are able to unwind in our luxury wellness spaces, which are tucked away from the hotel’s public areas for extra privacy. Relax in our sauna and steam room, take a dip or simply lounge in the indoor pool. For guests who want to get active with a workout, we have a fully equipped in-house gym. All of our luxury amenities offer more than just relaxation, the pieces of history and heritage displayed through art tell our guests a story of the city’s culture and history.

On the way to the wellness area, you can notice a remarkable art piece – a portrait of a Darwin College Fellow – Jane Goodhall. She is considered the world’s most remarkable expert on chimpanzees and has made it her life mission to observe the behaviour, as well as the making of tools by the primates. Experience exceptional art that showcases the remarkable achievements of icons like Jane Goodall. Our guests have the opportunity to delve into the finer points of academia and explore their groundbreaking discoveries without even having to leave the hotel.

To add to the gym space with related active Cambridge artwork, we have picked the unique vintage stop motion photography, which captures a man rowing across multiple framed artworks. Having the river Cam in the city makes water sports quite popular among locals, as well as tourists. If your remit is not water sports, you can always enjoy a beautiful day out punting and enjoying nature. 

Wellness area artwork in Cambridge
The Folio Bar wall
Folio Kitchen

Unique dining at the hotel’s restaurant

We are sure that your dining experience will be unforgettable, not only because of the masterfully crafted dishes or the indulgent drinks but also because of the heritage and history-filled atmosphere felt at The Folio Bar & Kitchen. Our dinner guests will be able to completely engulf themselves in the vibrant academic culture through various tributes to the university’s fellows, which have deeply inspired the art, as well as our signature drinks at The Folio Bar.

One such artwork displays a poem written by a fellow of King’s College – Xu Zhimo, who beautifully displays his affection for the city in his work ‘’Taking Leave of Cambridge Again’’. The poem can be read across the gallery wall from left to right, thus giving our guests a unique dining experience they will not forget, as meaningful art as such is hard to come by. Whilst enjoying your meal from any table in the restaurant, you will be able to consume this remarkable piece of artwork.

Alongside the artwork, our signature cocktails show that our highly experienced bar staff has taken deep inspiration from the academics of Cambridge. Choose from a variety of our unique signature cocktails, such as ‘’Life on Earth’’ offering indulgent sweet notes of honey-infused vermouth, inspired by biologist and natural historian Sir David Attenborough. Or, pay a tribute to English poet Alfred Tennyson with ‘’The Day-Dream’’, mixed with Linden Leaf 8 Gin, rhubarb syrup, lime, strawberry and soda. This drink is also the first signature cocktail ever created in The Folio Bar & Kitchen. Many more signatures and Cambridge fellows-inspired cocktails are available for our guests to mark any special occasion. Experience the captivating journey through the fascinating lives and accomplishments of the esteemed Cambridge Fellows with our unique and refreshing beverages.

Fresh coffee and tasty cakes

Located within The Fellows House hotel, Sage of Cambridge café provides a stimulating atmosphere for networking, productivity and treats. Savour delightful pastries and coffee while being surrounded by unique and meaningful artworks presenting the noteworthiness of Cambridge Fellows.

The Sage of Cambridge is a perfect place to explore the life and achievements of the fellows such as Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough. The cafe is adorned with a curated artwork collection representing various works and discoveries of academics, as well as many references to the city’s culture and quirks.

Similarly to the way remarkable academics conducted their works, at The Sage of Cambridge, we take inspiration from them and bravely experiment with flavours, textures and ingredients. Which results in discovering some of the most unique sweet creations and combinations to pleasantly surprise our cafe guests with. It also helps us create more delicious treat options that are vegan and gluten-free, ensuring everyone gets to try the brilliant creations of our team. By using fresh and locally sourced ingredients we ensure high quality of our hearty pastries and sweet treats.

Explore the offers available at The Sage of Cambridge here.

The Sage of Cambridge art


Afternoon Tea

Offered from Thursdays through to Sundays from 12:00 to 16:30 at The Folio Bar & Kitchen.