Things to do in Cambridge during the Summer half-term holidays

June 17, 2024

Endless family-friendly opportunities in Cambridge

There are plenty of things to do in Cambridge during the summer half-term holidays. Families are continuously looking for ways of how to spend the school half-term summer holidays, from family-friendly places to eat out, to fun activities that keep the kids busy and occupied. Cambridge is a wonderful city with a vast amount of opportunities for the whole family to learn and explore Cambridge, through adventures in museums, outdoor spaces for walks and games, and a family-friendly hotel for those who like to travel and stay over multiple days.

Cambridge hosts a range of attractions during the summer half-term that meet the needs of all age groups of the whole family, ensuring everyone can have a great half-term week and weekend. Due to the vast range of fun activities to do in Cambridge, a considerable number of these half-term activities are free of charge – perfect for large families and great for daily outings without having to spend money. Whether families are local to Cambridge or visiting for the week, there are wonderful family-friendly cafes, restaurants and hotels with onsite facilities and events for the ideal family stay in Cambridge.

Visit the best museums to uncover Earth’s history and explore the Cambridge Science Centre

The city of Cambridge is renowned for the selection of different educational experiences spanning across an array of subjects, inspiring children as well as adults. Dotted around the city centre of Cambridge, there are many different educational places filled with adventure to visit such as The Fitzwilliam Museum, The Museum of Zoology, The Polar Museum and the Cambridge Science Centre. A highlight for many children at the Fitzwilliam Museum is witnessing the exhibition of real-life mummies from the ancient Egyptian era! The Museum of Zoology has thousands of old extinct animals from around the world that are fascinating to see in real life. When entering the museum, families will be amazed by seeing the second largest species of whale in the world – a 21 metre long Fin Whale skeleton right above their heads. The Polar Museum is located near the city centre and is proud to be the home to iconic pieces of equipment that helped Captain Scott reach the South Pole over 100 years ago. Families can learn the tough and epic journey that it took for this man to do the unimaginable many years ago. For those families and children who love anything science-related should go see the Cambridge Science Centre. There are a number of different interactive exhibits, that help children to understand science through a practical approach.

What is fantastic for families, is that most museums are free to enter and have hours of exhibitions to see. For a charge, some museums offer guided tours around the premises or an audio headset, which is great for a deeper understanding of the exhibitions. These museums in Cambridge often offer interactive exhibits and fun workshops for the kids to discover, create and learn about Earth’s history. Taking a day trip to the museum during the half-term summer holiday is an excellent way to get the entire family involved in educational activities for the whole day.

Outdoor activities for the whole family

Another exciting family activity to do in Cambridge in the summer half term is spending time outdoors, surrounded by the greenery which makes the city of Cambridge so unique. Cambridge is home to large green parks like Jesus Green, Parkus Piece and Midsummer Common, ideal for family picnics and outdoor games like frisbee and football out in the fresh air. Jesus Green is a particularly popular green space in Cambridge, with BBQ stones dotted around the park so families can enjoy a smokey BBQ surrounded by beautiful nature.

A child-friendly activity to do in the summer half term is to visit the captivating gardens Cambridge has to offer. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden will be in full bloom during the summer half-term, perfect for the children to discover different plant species and take in the stunning landscapes. Families can also use the incredible garden spaces as a base for a peaceful and tranquil picnic. The gorgeous nature spills through the city as the River Cam winds through Cambridge. Families can take a leisurely walk or bike ride next to the river, as walking and bike paths run alongside that go on for miles. Walking or cycling alongside the river can be entertaining for the kids, as they can watch the punting boats stroke down the river. Bike hire is available at The Fellows House which is located near the city centre so everyone can enjoy a bike ride in the summer half-term. Cambridge offers plenty of outdoor adventures for families to enjoy while soaking in the warm sunshine and spend quality time outside in the fresh air during the summer half-term holidays.

Bike Hire During The Summer Half-Term Holidays - The Fellows House
Punting During The Summer Half-Term Holidays - Near The Fellows House

Stop for a bite to eat in local Cambridge cafes

After learning in the museums and staying active in the Cambridge outdoors, families may feel they need a refreshment and a bite to eat before continuing with the fun things to do in Cambridge during the summer half-term holidays. Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, next to the River Cam are just a short walk away from Cambridge’s local cafes, perfect for the family to get a bite to eat.

The Sage of Cambridge is a family-friendly cafe that is just a short 5-minute walk from Jesus Green and the River Cam. The Sage offers fresh locally sourced breakfast and lunch menus, cakes and pastries, as well as mouthwatering beverages like matcha latte and juices for the kids. The Sage also proudly caters to vegetarian and vegan diets as well as different dietary requirements, so everyone can enjoy their visit to Cambridge. The Sage is located in an ideal spot for families to pause and enjoy great-tasting food and drink, before commencing with their fun-filled summer half-term plans.

Lunch in Cambridge during Summer Half-Term - The Sage of Cambridge

Family-friendly stays in Cambridge

The Fellows House is a luxury hotel located near the city centre of Cambridge and is the ideal hotel to accommodate families during the summer half-term holidays. The Fellows House achieves a memorable and luxurious experience for families staying by prioritising both comfort and style. The Cambridge hotel pays homage to the Cambridge Fellows through dedicated artwork and names of the apartment rooms, with interior decor encapsulating both history and a modern contemporary style. The hotel has family connecting rooms known as The Fellows Family Connecting apartment which has been thoughtfully designed with families in mind.

The apartments are spacious and homely with flexible seating arrangements and a functional kitchen. The room can be both interconnecting and independent as sliding doors can create an open plan style of living, as two different apartments can be opened and connected to each other. The Fellows Family Connecting apartment provides even more space for when families need it, but can also be closed off for when privacy is required. This unique accommodation for families staying in Cambridge during the summer half-term holidays is convenient and well thought out, ensuring the best luxury experience for families staying in Cambridge.

Family Stays During The Summer Half-Term Holidays - The Fellows House

Things to do during the summer half-term at The Fellows House

At the Fellows House, there is plenty for the whole family to enjoy, whether staying as guests or wanting to do something fun during the summer half-term holidays in Cambridge. For families staying as guests, there are a lot of facilities to be enjoyed, like the family-friendly pool, luxury sauna and steam room, fully equipped onsite gym and relaxing outdoor courtyard area. These facilities are fantastic after a whole day of exploring Cambridge when the children and adults just want to put their feet up and relax in luxury.

It can be hard to find spacious family-friendly places to eat in Cambridge. The Folio Bar & Kitchen is the hotel’s onsite family-friendly restaurant that is also open to the public, so families can sit even if they are not staying at the hotel. The Folio offers top-quality food, locally sourced wherever possible for a healthy meal, with children’s menu options available too. A whole Afternoon Tea experience is also available for families to indulge themselves in a luxury fine dining delicacy during the summer weather. The colourful display of both the sweet and savoury treats is mesmerising to look at and enlighten tastebuds.

To make dining at The Folio as convenient for families as possible, The Fellows House offers safe and secure onsite parking which is easily accessible and is a rarity in the busy streets of Cambridge. The Fellows House goes above and beyond to provide things to do during the summer half-term with entertaining events that can be enjoyed by the public as well as guests. There are also unique events that run through the summer months tailored to all members of the family, providing a fun and memorable experience during the summer half-term holidays.

Indoor Swimming Pool For The Summer Half-Term Holidays - The Fellows House
Family Friendly Restaurant During The Summer Half-Term - The Folio Bar & Kitchen
Afternoon Tea Experience During The Summer Half-Term - The Folio Bar & Kitchen

Cambridge offers families plenty of exciting things to do in the summer half-term holidays, and we have also put together a guide for ideas of things to do in Cambridge in the Summer too. From museums and stunning gardens to luxury family-friendly hotel stays at The Fellows House, there is always something to keep you and your family occupied this summer half-term.


Afternoon Tea

Offered from Thursdays through to Sundays from 12:00 to 16:30 at The Folio Bar & Kitchen.