Things to do in Cambridge in the Summer

May 21, 2024

Cambridge is a wonderful city to visit during the summer months. A study has revealed that the Cambridge city centre has been voted as one of the greenest city centres in Great Britain. Locals and visitors of Cambridge love to enjoy these spaces in a variety of fun ways, including a picnic with family and friends or active fun like frisbee and tennis. During the summer months, Cambridge also offers a host of entertainment and ventures for every kind of person. Whether you wish to explore the historic Cambridge University, punt down the River Cam or eat and drink in a fine-dining restaurant, Cambridge is rich with history and green scenery that will keep you busy throughout the summer season.

In this article, we look at all the exciting things to do in Cambridge in the summertime. With the vast amount of things to see and do in Cambridge, you could turn your visit into a mini getaway for the weekend or longer! There are plenty of places to stay across the city, but for a truly comfortable and luxurious stay, The Fellows House offer immersive stays into Cambridge’s academic culture and provides a unique experience for short and long-stay guests. Read on to find out about things to do in Cambridge in Summer.

Punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge has been a tradition for over 120 years. It is a major attraction for tourists worldwide and is a quintessential must-do activity when visiting Cambridge during the summer season. Whether you would like to hire a punt yourself or be taken on a punt tour, there are a number of punting companies alongside the River Cam. Punting tours can be as little as a 10-minute short walk from The Fellows House situated near the Cambridge city centre.

While punting on the River Cam, you can admire the colourful gardens and stunning architectural views of the Cambridge Colleges such as the world-famous King’s College Chapel, Trinity College, and Corpus Christi College and you can also punt underneath the mesmerising Mathematical Bridge.

Those who love a cold drink in the summer can now enjoy a traditional British beverage ‘Pimms’ on the River Cam. There is a dedicated punt going down the river all day, allowing you to grab yourself a drink while you explore the history of Cambridge and take in the impressive views.

Visit Cambridge’s Museums and Galleries

If history and artwork interest you, Cambridge is home to over 30 museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Zoology, which Sir David Attenborough officially reopened in 2018, and the must-visit Fitzwilliam Museum. Most of which are free to enter and closely located to one another in the Cambridge city centre.

The Museum of Zoology holds thousands of remarkable treasures, such as specimens discovered by great naturalists, including Charles Darwin and Alan Turing. Changing displays and temporary exhibitions highlight unusual and significant items, such as the skeleton of the extinct Dodo.

From antiquity to the present day, the Fitzwilliam is home to world-renowned collections of over 500,000 beautiful works of art, masterpiece paintings and historical artefacts. If you wish to explore more, we have previously put together a list of must-visit galleries and museums in Cambridge. If you want to cool down from the summer weather or increase your depth of knowledge, these museums and galleries in the heart of Cambridge can be a great activity for the whole family during the summer school holidays.

Tour of Cambridge University Colleges

Summer is a great season to explore Cambridge’s famous Colleges and University buildings. Established in 1209, the University is rich in history and attracts visitors from all over the world. Just a short 20-minute walk from The Fellows House takes you to the heart of Cambridge where you are surrounded by Colleges such as Corpus Christi College, King’s College, Queens’ College and Trinity College. There are College tours available that offer a deeper understanding of Cambridge’s academic legacy. King’s College is the most popular visited College, as the chapel is the finest example of Renaissance stained glass and late Gothic architecture anywhere in the world.

Not only can you view the charming historic streets and city on foot, but you can also embrace another Cambridge tradition, which is cycling. It is known that Cambridge has the highest level of cycling in the country! There is no better time to cycle than in the summer, so to fully embrace the Cambridge culture The Fellows House offers bikes and protective equipment for hire, so you can explore the city like a true Cantabrigian.

Walk in the Botanic Garden

Cambridge is renowned for its beautiful green spaces. It is essential to visit the Cambridge University Botanical Garden during the summer season. What makes the botanical garden so magical to see in the summertime, is the rainbow of colour throughout. There are walking tours available to guide you through more than 8,000 of the plant species grown there. A free-of-charge weekend garden tour is available with one of the expert guides taking you through the seasonal highlights of the garden. There are plenty of benches dotted around the botanical garden, for you to relax and enjoy the summer blooming in the warm weather. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden has plenty of picturesque views, for those who want colourful ‘Instagram-worthy’ photos that bring their social media to life during the summertime.

The Folio Bar & Kitchen

After all the sightseeing and exploring across Cambridge, The Folio Bar & Kitchen is a great place to drink and dine not only during the summertime but all year round. The Folio Bar & Kitchen’s creative chefs compose home-cooked classics full of clever twists and inspiring turns. Featuring plant-based experiments and given favourite drinks and cocktails a wonderfully crafted modern rethink, all of which are locally sourced and sustainable.

The interior spaces are a blend of historic and contemporary, ensuring your visit is filled with inspiration. The Cambridge hotel embodies the city’s academic culture and heritage with a wealth of artwork dedicated to the fellows of Cambridge and the city. The Fellows House contains a page called “Why we promise a unique stay at The Fellows House”, dedicated to the artwork if you would like to discover it further. The Fellows Garden is an outdoor covered courtyard dining area, surrounded by relaxing greenery, perfect for dining and drinking outside during the summertime. The Folio Bar & Kitchen hosts events throughout the summer months, including live music events enjoyed in The Fellows Garden.

The Folio Bar & Kitchen - Things to do in Cambridge in the Summer

This summer, Cambridge offers you a full calendar of history, culture and plenty of beautiful architecture and nature for you to see. From engaging in traditional activities established over a century ago, to breathtaking views of Cambridge’s fine architecture and summer gardens, The Fellows House is a great base for you to relax and unwind at a Cambridge luxury hotel that embraces the city’s academic culture and heritage.


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